What is HAIP Diet


I have entered the medical profession to help patients who were suffering . I have chosen Ayurveda as it was the oldest known medical systems in the World .

The first important Teaching which our Ayurveda Saints have given is “All the diseases start due to wrong eating habits and lifestyle”. 

When I studied ‘The Bible’, I came across the phrase, “Let food be thy medicine” and when I studied Muslim Literature, I came across the phrase, “ Black Seed can cure all diseases except death”.

 All the major religions in the world have stressed on the right diet, to stay healthy.

I have worked with patients from all over the world and found that even when they are eating the best foods from the best brands they still suffer from health issues. Children suffer from Immunity related issues, repeated fever, early menstruation, ADHD etc. At Adolescence, they start gaining weight, suffer from PCOD, anxiety, and depression. Gradually they develop Diabetes, Blood pressure, Heart Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Allergies, IBS, Rheumatoid, depression, joint pain, MS, Cancer. During Old age Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinsonism.

Modern systems of medicine have very good medicine which can give you relief in all the above conditions but depending upon the condition you have to take the medicine throughout your life or for a very long time.
Now if we take modern medicine, they create other health conditions like Constipation, Skin rash or dermatitis Diarrhea, Dizziness, Drowsiness, Dry mouth, Headache, Insomnia, Nausea, Suicidal thoughts, Abnormal heart rhythms, Internal bleeding, Cancer, hair loss weight gain, etc.

In the last 10 years, millions of people died due to Adverse Drug Reaction, Medical errors, Unnecessary Procedures, Malnutrition.
Current urbanization and industrialization of the world have converted the healthcare industry into a trillion-dollar money-generating business wherein the main motto of the industry is to generate disease and make people the slaves of their medicines. In short, we all volunteer to be their guinea pigs who are just used to fund their materialistic dreams. Their medicines do provide symptomatic relief in many disorders, but in return, you are forced to use them throughout your lifetime in addition to loads of visible and hidden side effects which later emerge as a new health condition. The vicious cycle goes on and on till finally your mind and body give up completely.

Based on the Ayurveda Principle and my Modern Research for the last 20 years I have found food that can Damage the Human Body due to it being GMO or Due to the modern living condition, they cause inflammation in the human body as we have developed sensitivity or allergy to them.

Over the years I have suggested a patient’s diet which was without these dangerous foods and found that the patient’s health condition improved with little or no medicine. After the patient’s Health improved they demanded recipes including only good health benefiting food and to satisfy my patient’s demand I have created over 200 recipes for a 24-course meal. This health-giving anti-inflammatory recipe forms part of this Healthy Anti Inflammatory Protocol HAIP Cook Book.

The recipes in HAIP Cook Book can give you good health, good immunity, reverse disease, and overall significantly reduce your visit to a medical facility.

In short, this HAIP Cook Book will help you get back your youth in your adulthood and helps preserve it in the young.

  • This book will help you understand that your body is your best doctor and if you provide it with the right food, it is capable of doing miracles. The HAIP Cook Book incorporates extract of Ayurveda’s three humors Vata, Pitta, and Kapha to give you the best result which will suit all body type.

  • HAIP Cook Book is a beginner’s guide to cooking simple HAIP Diet meals and also enjoying occasional delicacies when the occasion calls for them.
    The HAIP Cook Book incorporates Easy and nontoxic substitutions to dairy, gluten, sugar, and many other highly allergenic foods that you can use to make your favorite recipes without once feeling the need to get back to the poisonous foods.
  • This book is all you need to reverse your disease and bring back your youth just by adding the right foods and eliminating the harmful ones.
  • This book will give you knowledge about which foods can kill and which can build your body.
  • This book will help you in making the right food choices based on one’s body type and medical condition.
  • This book provides you with the basic raw material using which you can build a life full of health, wealth, happiness, and success.

Just as you turn to your religious beliefs to bring back happiness and hope in your life, in the same way, this HAIP Cook Book will provide you with the foods that can help you preserve and nourish your health in the best ways possible.
When food becomes your medicine your health no longer needs any attention
Just as the recipe to create a flower is always within a plant, but it only blooms when provided with the right nutrition and environment. Similarly, your optimal health is hidden within you which awaits the right food and nutritional choices and lifestyle modifications in order to manifest